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ALEF 9,5mm Filmprojektor


ALEF 9,5mm film projector. Genuine museum and piece of collecting tank, year of construction after expert questioning approx.. 1926. 9,5mm (with central perforation) filmvorfuehrgeraet with crank handle drive, and power pack with rheostat for current supply of the projection lamp, adjustably of 110? 220V. Black metal housing with normal customs traces. A small original-Filmspule is attached. Note: due to its that this equipment stood so far on behalf of my ancestors in a local history museum, from reverence before the age of the equipment, which associated technical unawareness meinerseits.

3 Table Kinemathographs


3 Table Kinemathographs 1) Ernemann Kinoptikon, c. 1919, for 35-mm film and lantern slides. - 2) Alef Vokin, c. 1930. - And: 3) Bing Kino, c. 1930, Bing Werke, Nuremberg.