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Bing British 35mm hand cranked Film Projector


Bing British 35mm hand cranked Film Projector with badly damaged film strip, various boxed safety film - film strips including 11 x 9.5mm 15 Mickey Mouse Films by Pathescope, further quantity of larger length pathescope and other safety film strips including many Walt Disney and Popeye along with other general interest films c.1940s and 1950s issues also including the wedding of Princess Elizabeth and the Royal Tour of South Africa, 7 x more recent issue collectors club black and white comedy shorts and a number of further unboxed film reels of similar Mickey Mouse cartoons and black and white comedy subjects etc

3 Table Kinemathographs


3 Table Kinemathographs 1) Ernemann Kinoptikon, c. 1919, for 35-mm film and lantern slides. - 2) Alef Vokin, c. 1930. - And: 3) Bing Kino, c. 1930, Bing Werke, Nuremberg.