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JAN 16mm Sound Projector 4 parts


JAN (Joint Army Navy) 16mm Optical Sound projectors. The Model is AQ2 (4). It is Manual Load model. This machine was acquired from Uncle Sam as Miltary Surplus. These machines had a retail price of over $2000.00 when last availabe for sale to the public. They were manufactured by several major companies including De Vry, Federal Mfg Co, Viewlex, Bell & Howell, Aimes, and ICECO.

16mm JAN AQ2(4) Opt/ Mag/ Rec/Play


Model is a Model 614 CERM (Optical Magnetic/Record Play). The history of the JAN (Joint Army Navy)16mm Sound Projector is the story of the longest playing 16mm projector in the history of 16mm Projector Manufacture. This machine was made from 1947 thru 1990. It has stayed more or less the same in all that time. It is a rugged and reliable projector. It was conceived as a result of Military Specification (JAN Spec 143) that was commissioned by the WAR DEPARTMENT in late in 1943. It was not until the conclusion of WWII that the first machines came off the assembly line. The first Company to be awarded the contract was De Vry, followed by Federal Mfg. Company, Aimes, Bell & Howell, Lumen Electric Co., Cine Products Supply Co., Viewlex Inc. and International Cinema Eq. Co. ICECO acquired all the parts and manufacturing tooling from B&H in 1984. ICECO made the machine thru the early 1990s. There were over 100,000 of these machines. ICECO-MTE has made an unusual acquisition of a small quantity of USA Government Surplus Very Good Condition systems.