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La Belle

LA BELLE INDUSTRIES DUO16 PROJECTOR. WORKS AND LOOKS GREAT. LAMP: ASA code EKG quartzline, tungsten-halogen element, 80 watts, with approximate life of 75 hours for forward projection to 750 hours for rear screen projection. LENS: 24mm f/1.6 coated, high resolution, external focus. PROJECTION: 5 1/8X6 7/8 self contained, rear projection or external wall screen, forward projection. TAPE SPEED: 3 3/4 I.P.S. and 1 7/8 I.P.S. amplifier: SOLID STATE, MODULAR CONSTRUCTION. POWER CORD: two conductor, self winding, 10 feet long. COOLING: forced air. SIZE: 16 1/2 X 14 X 6 3/4. WEIGHT: 18 pounds. FILM: continuous loop, up to 250 vertical, single-frame 16mm visuals made to SMPTE film standards. HAS: external speaker jack, but also has a built in speaker. MODEL NO. 60-950 SERIAL NO. J 9060058.