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Heat your home with these portable heaters

There is a wide variety of portable electric heaters and heaters on the market to choose from and we have selected the best and most portable to maintain a comfortable temperature in a room or home. Consideration should be given to existing alternatives for heating systems and thermostats that are considered smart. They often provide advanced controls for mobile startup or regulation to make energy consumption more efficient. Now, the models that we address here are those of compact size, […]

The Best UV (Ultraviolet) Sanitizers of 2021

In the last year we have become aware of how important it is to wash your hands. However, we cannot do the same with our technological devices. This is where UV or ultraviolet disinfectants come in. You will only have to put your móvil inteligente in one of these devices and it will be bathed in ultraviolet light. This light is capable of eliminating the bacteria that have remained on the surface of your mobile. You can also use these […]

Which Fitbit is best for you?

Fitbit is undoubtedly one of the manufacturers of monitors of fitness most important in the market. Their models of activity wristbands and smart watches are among our devices of this type. When buying a smartwatch or one smartband, it will be necessary to take into account if it offers features such as heart rate monitoring, GPS, step counter, distances and calories, physical activity tracking, among others. In this ranking of the best Fitbit, we classify several models of the brand […]

The best Oppo brand models you cánido buy

Do you want to know what Oppo phones currently offer? We collect the best that the company has for sale to help you choose the mobile that best suits your needs in different price ranges. Although Oppo may not be as well known as Samsung or Huawei worldwide, in the Spanish market, we have already seen how Oppo has crept into the list of the 5 best manufacturers by market share on several occasions. Just take a look at reports […]

The mid-range mobiles that you cánido already buy with 5G

5G connectivity is being deployed by operators in large cities and the coincidente terminals that support these new speeds are already very numerous. If at the end of last year, 5G was something restricted to high-end mobiles, this has changed. Currently, 5G connectivity has been democratized and settled in the mid-range of smartphones so that it is possible to buy one for just over € 200, as is the case with models such as the Redmi Note 10 5G or […]

The 10 best Android phones of 2021

Android offers a wide range of possibilities when choosing a new mobile. In fact, today there are a lot of brands that offer teléfonos inteligentes of surprising quality. At PCWorld we have the opportunity to test the new mobiles of the top brands on the market in order to offer you our reviews and buying guides like the one you will find below: we will tell you which are the best Android mobiles of 2021. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra – […]

The best gamer smartphones to play

More and more, teléfonos inteligentes are becoming very valid devices with which to play demanding games when you are away from home or when you are on the go. Brands are supporting this market that has a high demand. Such is the potential offered by the new modern smartphones, which have nothing to envy to vídeo game consoles in terms of the sensations offered, with advanced titles such as Fortnite, LOL or PUBG, among many others. However, not all models […]

Are you looking for a extern device for your day-to-day storage? Here you will find the best USB drives

There was a time when USB storage drives or pendrive they were very afín in terms of speeds and type of connection offered. The only differentiating element between them was the storage capacity they offered. This has changed considerably since new USB 3.0, USB 3.1, USB Type-C or even Thunderbolt connection ports emerged. As the specification estándar increased, so did the supported transfer speed. In this way, now we must not only look at the data of the storage capacity, […]

The best offers in mobile telephony, fiber and television

In this world of constant connectivity, the quality and speed of the network offered by your telephone operator cánido be critical, since all the connections of your devices come to depend on them, whether you are using 5G or the Wi-Fi of your router for the home connections. It is for this reason that we have decided to write this article in which we offer you a list of the best telephone operators in Spain, where you can consult some […]

The best programs that you can use to share screen and presentations

The software tools with which to be able to share screen have become essential in times of teleworking and video calls, since they offer additional functions when sharing presentations with colleagues or clients. It is a way to be more productive, and although there have always been dedicated applications designed specifically for screen sharing, it is always more convenient to have this option at hand and not have to resort to third-party applications when you are in the middle of […]

This is the best laptop of this year!

Buying a notebook may not be an easy task, especially considering the many options that exist in the market. So which one should you choose? That will depend largely on the use you want to give it and the price you want to pay for it. At PCWorld Spain, we offer you a list of the best laptops that you can buy this year in our country. In addition, you can also consult our practical guide with the points to […]

This Summer’s Best Tech Deals

The most anticipated period of the year for all shopping lovers is here: the summer sales. In addition to going to the beach, having a drink on the terrace and enjoying the holidays, there is nothing better than celebrating the arrival of summer than going shopping and taking advantage of promotions that are difficult to resist. As it could not be otherwise, the platforms for the sale of electronic goods also do not miss the opportunity to make money with […]

These are the best business laptops to work with

There are countless very valid notebook configurations geared towards the corporate and business world. However, needs may vary based on the mobility, performance, power, or versatility of the convertibles. In larger companies, the choice of one or the other model may depend on each department and the work activity that the worker is going to perform. Those who work in a marketing department will not need the same configuration as the one that provides technical support. In this way, we […]

The best Samsung Galaxy phones of 2021

Samsung is one of the brands in the world that manufactures the best mobile phones, however, among so many Galaxy mobile models available, it is sometimes difficult to choose the correct model. Do you want the experience of a flagship like the Galaxy S range, the Note line with stylus or one of the foldable Z series? Maybe Samsung’s diverse (and cheaper) Galaxy A series has what you’re looking for? The company has strived to make its phones stand out […]

The best new mobiles that will arrive in 2021

Despite the very anomalous situation that we have had to live due to the pandemic, the major mobile phone brands have continued to work. Therefore, in 2021 we continue to see the most important mobile brands surprise us with their new high-end teléfonos inteligentes. Xiaomi, Samsung, OnePlus or Oppo are an example of this. We will tell you below which are the best new mobiles that we will see in 2021. And do not lose sight of us, because we […]

Do you know which is the best tablet on the market?

If you think the time has come to buy one tablet and you have no iniciativa which oneIt is therefore time to take a look at the best devices currently on the market. Indeed, a tablet It cánido be used for many more things than you think: see a movie in uso contínuo from the televisión in your living room, talk to your friends on WhatsApp or download YouTube vídeos. Read on to discover the best tabletas. You may also […]

The best USB-C hubs for laptops and tabletas of 2021

Laptops and tablets have become devices with greater prominence compared to the traditional use of the PC, especially now that there are many citizens who telework from home or from a second residence. The portability offered by these devices has enormous advantages over the desktop computer, much less likely to be shared between users or to carry them from one room to another when necessary. Another great plus that both laptops and tabletas provide is that they have webcams to […]

We list the best smartwatches of today

Every year, the main mobile manufacturers rush to launch quality smartwatches that can compete with the products of their rivals. That makes choosing between one of them increasingly difficult. There are several factors to consider when buying a smartwatch. Among others, it is worth considering the price, the design and the compatibility with your mobile device. Once you know what type of watch you need, you cánido take a look at the classification that we present below, where we have […]

The best Huawei smartphones you can buy in 2021

Huawei mobiles no longer go unnoticed by any mortal. With a wide range of teléfonos inteligentes that increasingly have more finishes premium, the Chinese company is already leading in sales in many countries around the world, surpassing Apple and Samsung in many respects. The brand has so-called flagship devices in its Mate and P lines to the point of being among the best móvil inteligente manufacturers on the market. The constantly renewed P-Series is a bit more dominant among the […]

What is the best streaming music service?

Most of us listen to music in streaming from platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer or Tidal, and the reasons seem obvious: you pay a subscription (or not even that) and you perro listen to almost all the songs that exist. But there are many music services in uso contínuo And although they seem similar, they are not. Some offer family discounts, others include high-quality lossless audio; others, hi-res, podcasts, and even vídeo clips. Thus, to help you make the […]

The best smart speakers with voice assistants

Smart speakers associated with a voice assistant are on the rise among users who already belong to Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, or Google plus’s Assistant ecosystem. Here we gather the best smart speakers that you cánido buy with each assistant. The offer is so varied that it is possible that in a short time they will change price or find outstanding offers. That is why we will update the list as new smart speakers emerge, such as the Amazon Echo, […]

The best cheap headphones of 2021

Many new models of headphones cost quite a bit of money. However, as in almost any technology category, there are always mid-range or low-end versions to meet the needs of any pocket. In fact, many times we find cheap headphones that offer quite premium quality, making their value for money unbeatable. We have had the opportunity to test several models of cheap headphones in order to bring you our selection of the best. So if you’re in the market for […]

The browsers that offer more privacy on the web

A web browser is today the most useful application for any PC, notebook, tablet or mobile phone. It grants access to the Internet, which is where we spend much of our time consulting information. The problem comes when it comes to maintaining some privacy, since most browsers, including the popular Google+ Google chrome, allow company websites to track your activity and government agencies to know what you are doing. Advertisers also receive information in order to be able to display […]

These are the bank accounts with the best conditions for young students

The requirements demanded by students today have led more and more banks to design specific bank accounts that are beneficial for students or young people who open an account for the first time. These bank accounts are a savings model that is designed so that students between the ages of 14 and 30 cánido make use of banking services and operations with hardly any expenses or commissions. In addition, they also offer advantages when it comes to paying tuition, books […]