If you think the time has come to buy one tablet and you have no iniciativa which oneIt is therefore time to take a look at the best devices currently on the market.

Indeed, a tablet It cánido be used for many more things than you think: see a movie in uso contínuo from the televisión in your living room, talk to your friends on WhatsApp or download YouTube vídeos.

Read on to discover the best tabletas. You may also be interested in top tabletas from amazon, their prices, tools and features, or the best iPads, its size, price and performance.

Best tablet deals of 2021

Surely you need a tablet new, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Below you will find the best tablets of the moment, but now we want to present you a selection of the best offers in tabletas from the actuality.

Comparison: What is the best tablet for this 2021?

1. iPad Air (2020) – The best tablet

iPad Air (2020)

two. 10.2 “iPad (2020) – Best to be productive

10.2 iPad

3. 12.9 ”iPad Pro (2020) – Best for Artists

12.9 iPad Pro

Four. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 + – The best Android tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 +

5. Lenovo Tab P11 Pro – Ideal for entertainment

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro

6. iPad Air (2019) – Great value for money

iPad Air (2019)

7. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 – The best Windows tablet

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

8. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite – The Most Versatile

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

9. iPad mini (2019) – The most compact

iPad mini (2019)

10. Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus (2020) – Best for Boys and Girls

Amazon Fire HD 8 (2020)

Keys to consider before buying a tablet

The market for tabletas It has changed significantly in recent years, something marked above all by the decline in the interest of large brands to invest large sums of money in its manufacture.

But before deciding which one to buy, there are several things that you should take into account, such as the uses that you are going to give this new device. Next, we detail the 5 keys to consider before buying one tablet.

1. what tablet should you buy: Android, Windows or iOS?

One of the first decisions to make when you are thinking of buying one tablet It is the operating system you want it to have, that is, decide between Android, Windows. iOS or any other. You can also choose a tablet Amazon.

That may shorten the options if you opt for Apple, since the iPads offer it is rather small. Of course, whatever you choose, you will take home a device with one of the best operating systems of the moment.

Additionally, iPads are easy to use, and most aplicación developers build their products with the needs first. tablets iOS, so rarely will you find what you are looking for.

It is especially advisable to take this into account when you have other devices that require an app to work, since sometimes you may find that they are not available for tabletas Windows, for example.

Yes they usually are for tablets Android -although not always-, but these tend to be less expensive than iPads. Now, it is true that some Samsung models can cost the same or more than iOS devices.

It could be considered that the operating system of the tablets Windows is the worst of all, but it has a great advantage: you can use the same programs that you are used to using on your Windows laptop or computer.

This is why most tablets Windows come with a keyboard. It is therefore a true hybrid between notebook and tablet, although on rare occasions you will get the best of both worlds. An exception would be Microsoft’s Surface Pro.

2. Why do you need a tablet?

The tablets They are certainly a good companion for watching videos and television, playing vídeo games, reading y también-books or simply browsing the web. With them, you can also share images on your social networks or check your dirección de correo electrónico.

However, in general they are not as efficient to work, create presentations or write a report. If you need to print a text or calculation document, it perro be somewhat troublesome unless you have a coincidente printer.

In general terms, it cánido be said that if you need a device to have fun, it is better that you opt for one tablet Android or an iPad, while if what you are looking for is a tablet to work, look for the best among the tabletas Windows.

3. How big should your tablet?

The tablets they are available in a wide variety of sizes. There are those smaller with screens and dimensions afín to those of the smartphones. There are those who find one tablet 7 to 8 inches long and very comfortable to carry.

On the other hand, others prefer larger devices with IPS or AMOLED screens and which also tend to have better processors. They are obviously heavier and therefore less comfortable to carry around.

4. Do you need a tablet with 4G connectivity?

If you need to connect to the Internet with your tablet While you are away from home, you should consider buying one that can be inserted into a SIM card. All iPads have this option, while most tablets Android no.

Also keep in mind that you will have to pay a little more money for a tablet that has this function, apart from having to also buy a loose SIM card and pay for a data fee.

For most users, this option is not practical at all, since to consult the Internet they already have their smartphone, which on the other hand cánido also easily become a hotspot in which to connect your tablet.

If you don’t have an Apple device, you might want to think twice about buying an iPad. This will require a cable with a Lightning connector, which is not compatible with any non-Macintosh device.

On the other hand, tablets Android and Windows typically use a micro USB port, a connector found on many other devices. Others include a USB port, in which you cánido easily connect as well pendrives, keyboards or printers.

5. How much storage space do you need for your tablet?

The storage space of a tablet It is something to keep in mind, although it is somewhat less relevant on devices that have a microSD card slot. That means that you will have the space you want regardless of the internal memory of the tablet.

You won’t find this slot on iPads and some tablets Android. Also keep in mind that, although they assure you about 8 GB of space, the real space cánido be only 5 GB, since the rest is occupied by the operating system and pre-installed apps.

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