In this world of constant connectivity, the quality and speed of the network offered by your telephone operator cánido be critical, since all the connections of your devices come to depend on them, whether you are using 5G or the Wi-Fi of your router for the home connections.

It is for this reason that we have decided to write this article in which we offer you a list of the best telephone operators in Spain, where you can consult some of their price plans, convergent rate offers and services offered.

As you know, before choosing your new telephony and broadband operator, you should make sure that your period of stay has ended in order to avoid having to pay for breach of your contract. It is something that you can check through your operator’s website or mobile aplicación.

What is the deployment of 5G in Spain?

In order for you to be able to enjoy connections with 5G speeds on your mobile, it is necessary that the mobile telephone operator has the necessary infrastructure deployed to make it possible.

Thus, currently in Spain the main operators that are making heavy investments in their deployment are Movistar, Vodafone and Orange, which have bid for the auction of frequency bands with which the connection is guaranteed, as well as Yoigo and MásMóvil.

However, the Government intends to encourage telecommunications operators to share radio frequencies for mobile telephony, which is called spectrum mutualisation in the 5G service.

The frequency bands in our country that enable 5G are the 700 MHz band released and auctioned, the 1500 MHz band, the 2600 MHz band that is already used for 4G and will complement 5G, as well as the 3500 MHz band.

Other companies within the MVNOs are working on it, as is the case with Euskaltel, but for the moment with a somewhat more limited deployment to certain geographical areas.

The key message is that 5G is here to stay, and although at the moment it is not yet available throughout the Spanish territory, the increase is gradual to the point that 5G coverage is guaranteed in the main provincial capitals, as well as in big cities.

5G Coincidente Mobile Phones

The main chip manufacturers, such as Qualcomm, Mediatek or even Samsung and Huawei itself, already have chips that implement the 5G connection as standard. Thus, a large number of smartphones already include this type of connectivity.

If last year, 5G was limited to premium high-end terminals and some of those considered mid-range, in 2021 we have witnessed a true democratization of 5G phones to the point that it is possible to acquire them with prices starting from € 199 .

Our ranking of the best 5G mobiles

Virtual Mobile Operators (MVNOs)

As you already know, the large telecommunications groups usually offer better prices in their packs whenever they are associated with the commercialization of fiber optics for the home or some other television service and additional content.

However, if what you are looking for is to hire only a cell phone line, virtual operators, also known as OMV (Virtual Mobile Operators), top our list of those that perro offer you the best quality and price ratio.

They are called thus, OMV, because they do not have their own network infrastructure to deploy their services, so they use the network and coverage of the main operators that we will see below in detail.

The current MVNOs can offer very interesting rates, as we will see in detail, with price plans that for just € 10 you can get unlimited flat rate for calls and up to 10 GB for data connection.

So, check the following list of OMV virtual operators if what you are looking for is to hire a phone line without great pretensions of 5G connectivity. These are the main virtual mobile operators operating in our country:

The best telephone operators in Spain in 2021







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