The software tools with which to be able to share screen have become essential in times of teleworking and video calls, since they offer additional functions when sharing presentations with colleagues or clients.

It is a way to be more productive, and although there have always been dedicated applications designed specifically for screen sharing, it is always more convenient to have this option at hand and not have to resort to third-party applications when you are in the middle of a vídeo call.

Although it is something we take for granted, many may not know that applications like Zoom provide this option to share screen during presentations. The benefits are many and in fact, almost all the programs discussed here cánido be used for free with some limitation.

We have used each of these software tools in order to espectáculo you what each program offers in its free and paid versions. Facebook recently launched screen sharing in your Messenger aplicación, something that is available for iOS, and Android.

It is a feature that is added to video calls and messaging rooms, but it requires each participant to have an account and be friends with each other. Therefore, it is a great option for families and friends, but less suitable for a professional use or business environment.

The best screen sharing aplicaciones of 2021



Webex Meetings

Cisco WebEx Meetings

Microsoft Teams (Skype)


Google plus Meet

Google Meet



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