A web browser is today the most useful application for any PC, notebook, tablet or mobile phone. It grants access to the Internet, which is where we spend much of our time consulting information.

The problem comes when it comes to maintaining some privacy, since most browsers, including the popular Google+ Google chrome, allow company websites to track your activity and government agencies to know what you are doing.

Advertisers also receive information in order to be able to display advertisements that are potentially of interest to users. For many, this is not too expensive a toll for providing free access, but have you ever stopped to think, what is the true cost of your privacy?

Of course, it is always possible to use a VPN to hide or prevent them from tracking your movements on the Internet. Check our ranking of the best VPNs of the year. However, we also recommend that you use a web browser that does its best to close the doors.

Below, you will find a list of web browsers with better privacy in order to prevent prying eyes in your web browsing sessions and to avoid the collection of information of great interest.

The web browsers with the best privacy






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