The requirements demanded by students today have led more and more banks to design specific bank accounts that are beneficial for students or young people who open an account for the first time.

These bank accounts are a savings model that is designed so that students between the ages of 14 and 30 cánido make use of banking services and operations with hardly any expenses or commissions.

In addition, they also offer advantages when it comes to paying tuition, books or computer equipment through convenient installments.

At the end of the day, these are young people who adopt the use of new technologies for their day to day, such as making mobile payments with their smartphone, check your movements, defer payments or receipts, or buy technology. All this with facilities to face payments.

For bank branches, students are a potential customer as part of their loyalty strategy from this stage of their life, helped by products with low commissions, with low interest rates, and where immediacy and practicality prevail.

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The best bank accounts for youth and students of 2021

BBVA – BBVA En línea Account

Caixabank – Imagin Account of ImaginBank

Santander – Smart Account

Banco Sabadell – First Expansion Account

EvoBank – Youth Account

N26 – N26 Black

Bank accounts for students, what should I keep in mind?

Almost all of them have the same motto: no management or maintenance fees for university students between the ages of 18 and 31. However, it is advisable to know the fenezca print well to avoid surprises.

As a student, you should assess the direct debit service offered by the bank for your tuition, scholarships and other academic expenses, with the possibility of deferring certain payments or receipts without the bank penalizing you or charging you interest.

It is about acquiring bank products exempt from commissions and administrative expenses that also offer a fácil way to interact with the bank, in order to avoid travel. You must assess the ease of paying tuition, courses or receipts of any kind.

What happens if I study abroad?

Although not all do it, some banks focus on enhancing the needs of those students who go abroad to study, either for Erasmus or exchange. They are potential clients so that in a short period of time they perro find their first jobs.

To incentivize them, they offer a whole series of offers and incentives. SIf it turns out that you are going on Erasmus or exchange, it is convenient that you focus on services such as the bank transfer to be able to receive a certain amount of money from your relatives without any commission or interest payment.

We have found that most bank accounts offer this possibility for free but up to a certain amount. This means that from a figure, the operation will have an extra cost.

You should also bear in mind that once you finish your studies or reach the age limit set by the bank, the checking account will become a habitual account and you will lose certain advantages that you have been benefiting from until now.

That is why it should be clear to what age you have these advantages that you have associated with the account so as not to incur commissions or expenses once your student period has concluded.

Discount vouchers and gifts

We have seen how gifts and discount vouchers for students who open an account with a bank branch come in many different ways. From discounts applied to the purchase of a device such as a notebook, to gift vouchers on purchases.

Before opening your account, check the payment methods supported by your bank, since not all of them support the usual methods of Apple Pay, Google+ Pay or Samsung Pay. With the arrival of the Bizum system, it is possible to pay from mobile to mobile from the banking aplicación.

Bizum was created in Spain, based on European Union regulations, to promote the instant payment. This has meant that, since its inception, it has established a strong connection with the main banking entities, reaching a 96% market share in a short time.

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