The most anticipated period of the year for all shopping lovers is here: the summer sales. In addition to going to the beach, having a drink on the terrace and enjoying the holidays, there is nothing better than celebrating the arrival of summer than going shopping and taking advantage of promotions that are difficult to resist.

As it could not be otherwise, the platforms for the sale of electronic goods also do not miss the opportunity to make money with great discounts. If you don’t want to run out, just keep reading. You perro also check the best deals on Apple products at Macworld Spain.

First, we explain from when to when the sales will be, on which web pages you can find good promotions, how to get the best deals and which are, in our view, the most spectacular bargains of this season.

When are the 2021 summer sales?

There is less left for the summer sales which, this year in Spain, will generally begin on July 1 and will last for two months.

You must bear in mind, however, that these dates may vary depending on the autonomous community:

  • Andalusia: 07/01 – 08/31
  • Aragon: 07/01 – 09/01
  • Asturias: 07/01 – 08/31
  • Balearic Islands: 01/07 – 01/09
  • Canary Islands: 07/01 – 08/31
  • Cantabria: 07/01 – 08/30
  • Castilla-La Mácula: 07/01 – 09/30
  • Castilla y León: 01/07 – 31/08
  • Catalonia: 07/01 – 08/31
  • Ceuta: 07/01 – 08/31
  • Valencian Community: 06/27 – 09/03
  • Extremadura: 07/01 – 08/31
  • Galicia: 07/01 – 09/30
  • La Rioja: 07/01 – 08/31
  • La capital española: 06/21 – 09/21
  • Melilla: 07/01 – 08/31
  • Murcia: 07/01 – 08/31
  • Navarra: 07/01 – 09/30
  • Basque Country: 07/01 – 09/30

What en línea stores participate in the sales?

The vast majority of stores on-line They take advantage of this season to promote some of their products and offer spectacular offers that will be difficult to resist. Here are the tech stores that do sales:

How to get the best deals?

Many people wait until sales to buy electronic devices. Tech products are generally expensive, so it’s always a good iniciativa to wait for deals from sites like Amazon.

In the specific case of Amazon, we especially recommend subscribing to Amazon prime. Not only will you be able to enjoy the offers on your Amazon Prime Day, but you will also have many advantages in shipping and other services such as Prime Vídeo.

Another consejo to follow to get the best deals is to be attentive to the great discounts that we will be presenting you in this article. We personally take care of finding the promotions that are really worth it.

Of course, before making a purchase decision, you should ask yourself if you would buy that item anyway if it was not on sale. If the answer is no, then you should think about whether you are really saving money or wasting it.

On the other hand, keep in mind that what for one person is a great promotion, for another person it may not be. There are others, however, that are obvious, such as when the product in question is at half the price.

We also recommend looking at the non-discounted prices days before the sales start. There are dishonest sellers who upload them the day they start so that buyers think it is a good deal, when in fact it is not.

What are the best current technology products?

At PCWorld, we periodically offer you rankings one of the best products that cánido currently be found in Spain. Below you will find a list of these articles:

Best offers of the summer sales 2021

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